About Us

What is Local Link?


A new way to connect with your community and other people.


The web is full of services to help you find something to do, connect with someone or network with businesses. The only problem is they all operate in their own silos. One site for events, another for dating, another for philanthropy—the list goes on. We have set out to solve this.


Unlike many of the networks out there like Facebook or Twitter that keep people looped online hopelessly liking things and watching other people do things, Local Link is designed to get individuals, businesses and non-profits connected, helping everyone to find things TO DO IN REAL LIFE. We don’t want to keep people behind the screen, we just want to facilitate users finding people and things to do that interest them.

Features (Some features in development)


People Finder

As a member of Local Link, users can search our system to find like minded individuals. Whether looking for a significant other or just a new friend to attend a local event, our system allows you to find others that match your interests whether romantic, business or friendship.


Event Calendar

The Blacktie calendar of events has been a goto for many communities in the US for many years. With local link we have supercharged the calendar with events from fundraising galas to volunteer opportunities to rocking new years parties. Unlike other calendars, ours is linked with the people finder, so you can find others who might like to join you for an event you are interested in attending.


Experience Finder

We work with local businesses and organizations to offer experiences ranging from an afternoon paddle boarding on a lake to an elegant night out at a top restaurant. Of course, this service is connected to our people finder, so you find an activity and then find a person to join you in the experience. This is a great way to find fun new things to do around the city and find a fun new person to do them with.


Opportunity Finder

Your account has a full set of tools to upload your skills, resume and experience to your profile. From here you can find many opportunities. Organizations post jobs or openings for seats on their boards. Internships are available at local establishments. Independent contractors can find opportunities to connect their skills with the right person or organization.


Voluntracker Link

Our Voluntracker system allows organizations to post volunteer opportunities to the community, organize and track volunteers, and offer incentives to volunteers for donating their time. Local link has a direct connection with Voluntracker and helps you to find opportunities while at the same time logging your participation and earning you incentives from our sponsors.


Event Registration and Mobile Bidding

With a Local Link account, you have full access to our event ticketing, registration and mobile bidding systems. This allows you to easily buy tickets to an event through your profile, register and bid at silent auction events, and register for meetups and opportunities in the system.


Local Link Xchange

The Xchange is a simple way to list items and services to others in the local link community. Did you buy a weekend away at a silent auction, but realize now that it won’t fit into your schedule? Do you offer catering services for events? You can post to the community and sell, trade and buy as much as you want with a paid account.


Local Link Photos and News (Blacktie Photos)

Local Link’s team does not simply provide a platform for others to connect, we are out in the community ourselves. We have a street team that attends events, takes photos and writes stories about all of the local happenings in the community. The cool part is, we take diligent notes of each person in our photos so you can find photos of yourself or your friends that we post regularly.


User Posted News and Photos

When users attend great events, we want them to post to the community as well. Our system allows you to post photos from your last volunteer opportunity or event. It is a great way to show your participation in the community and help others get an idea of what different events or experiences are like in the community.


Showcase Your Community Participation

Local Link can be as private or as public as you would like depending on how you setup your profile. If you want the community to know what you have been up to, you can choose to have your profile showcased as you contribute to the community, whether through volunteering, participating with an organization or contributing to community causes. You can show everyone your enthusiasm and hard work in your local scene.


Local Link Background

Local link was founded by Blacktie LLC. Blacktie has worked to support philanthropy and events for over 16 years in many cities across the US. With a software platform designed to support organizations and help them manage fundraising efforts and events, Blacktie has been limited to organizations. Local link is a solution to go beyond serving organizations and foster engagement directly between individuals while connecting them with their local communities.